Discover a new kind of travel

Supporting Local Culture

Leofoo Tourism Group has long been the supporter of local culture, and hopes to lead customers into an exploration of the nature and cultural beauty of Taiwan through its many brands. Using hotel space for exhibiting artworks, it has become an important site for spreading the culture and art of Taiwan.

Enter Leofoo Courtyard Taipei and Discover a Whole New Travel Experience

Leofoo Tourism Group has invited young Taiwanese artists to create artworks within the spaces of the hotel. You can enjoy the brand design and creativity of Taiwanese art, and experience the youthful, passionate and energetic spirit of Courtyard Taipei!

International art works show the image of the city with fun.

In Courtyard Taipei, interactions among art works created by international artist let tourists have fun. Beginning from check in, Bubble Man created by Wu, Dongxun welcomes you with a warm invitation and says “Hi” to you in the lobby. To walk a few steps, you will find a gray-brown abstract art work in the corner. It is created by Park, Seung Mo and it delivers the dismissed self-reflection. Another large art work, Taichi 24 Postures, created by Peng, Hung-Chih, is created impromptu. The artist splashes or leaks pigments on canvas. They are splashed by the traces of the development of the complete contour lines forming a strong arbitrary picture. More meaningful masterpieces are welcoming tourists around the world to find out ......

Taiwan's cultural and creative design full of the corners of the hotel Creativity & Surprise found everywhere

Courtyard Taipei is not only a hotel, but also a stage for the creativity. From the lobby to the corner, surprise and touching found everywhere, and it is like a wonderful visual feast. Taiwan has passion and creativity, and we have a group of artists who work hard but silently and they are shining in the land. Leofoo Tourism Group invites the cultural and creative brands to be exhibited in Courtyard Taipei, and we share the fun, creative, and high-quality art works with the tourists. It will let the living experience be full of fun and surprise.