Wedding Planner


Design a Fun and Dreamy Wedding

With the concept of fun and creativity, and theme of a Colorful Wedding, which is combined with the one-step wedding services of life aesthetic store Elite Concept, Courtyard Taipei presents the ‘Customized Wedding Package’ for couples to choose their own themes and designs for the wedding. We also provide mid-air interaction projectors for couples to present performances, enabling guests to experience a virtual-reality interaction. The wedding banquet serves both Eastern and Western dishes, satisfying the tastes of every guest.
With the help from our professional team, we provide complete wedding consultation and services, and do our best to meet the needs of a customized service. We minimized unnecessary complications, and assist couples to design the wedding of their dreams.

Professional audio and visual control

High-end lighting and audio equipment

Mono - projector

Wedding theme decoration

Mid-air projectors