Executive VIP Room


Our high ceiling, bright and spacious rooms are specially designed for the dining of executive VIPs. Our luxurious dining experience serves guests with energy-boosting ingredients and international cuisine. We also provide various beverages and wine, spirits, cocktails and other delicious drinks. The executive floor also has a business center and 3 private VIP rooms which provide comprehensive, comfortable and ideal spaces for business discussion, conferences, reading, dining, or resting.
Fresh fruits and vegetables transported from farms each day are the best ingredients for a delicious and energy-boosting meal. The ingredients include fresh beef tomatoes, anti-oxidizing broccoli, assorted nuts and seasonal fruits and vegetables. The chef makes various creative international fusions from Italy, the United States, India and Asia, creating a familiar and homey feeling for customers.

Operation Hours details as below :
06:30-10:00 Breakfast at Sunrise on the 7 floor from 06:30 to 10:00
11:00-13:30 Self-Service
13:30-21:00 All Day Service
18:30-20:30 Happy Hour with Alcohol Service
21:00-22:00 Self-Service

【All Day 】
With various snacks, handmade sandwiches and desserts served, providing fruits and beverage like coffee, Executive VIP room can boost your energy instantly.

【 Breakfast at Sunrise All-day Dining 】
Freshly cooked eggs are prepared for our Executive VIPs by our on-site chefs, and customers are free to choose any kind of eggs they wish. Freshly baked bread and coffee are also served, along with hot meals and salad, satisfying your energy requirement for the day.

Wine, sparkling wine, and other selected alcohol drinks are provided. Customers can also choose ingredients for our chefs to cook for them on site to enjoy with some snacks, cheese, and alcoholic drinks for a light meal.