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LeoFoo tourism group upholds its passion for baking, has launched five-star exquisite bakeries since 2008, and established its own brand "Elite Bakery". "Elite Bakery'' advertises world-class delicacies. It provides exquisite European-style bread, handmade french cookies, Western- style desserts, and customized gift boxes. Over the years, we have successfully conquered the discerning palates of food connoisseurs, and received continuous positive reviews.

"Elite Bakery" follows the traditional craftsmanship and strict quality control. The natural fruit yeast and natural fermentation of old dough are cultivated by bakers. It does not contain any preservatives and artificial additives, it naturally induces the original wheat aroma. Purely handmade kneading, less oil, less sugar, and high in fiber, each bite of bread and cake is an experience of happiness

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Golden Cake $4800
Our limited Golden Cake is a favorite of our high-end customers. Its glittering appearance is due to gold foil, which is delicately pasted one by one by the hand of our chefs. Hi-end French chocolate and Italian hazelnuts are used; sold at a limited amount every day.
The agreeable sweetness has conquered the taste buds of many graceful ladies.

Fresh Loaf with Milk, Walnuts and Cheese$250
Not one drop of water added, the stuffing is filled with French Cheddar cheese and American walnuts. The texture is soft and moist with an unforgettable flavor.

Honored as the "2023 Eatender" from the Council of Agriculture.
❚ Palmier is a dessert originating from France. It has a thin crispy crust and rich taste, and is deeply loved by dessert lovers. Now, you don't need to go to France, just come to Elite Bakery, and you can taste the best Palmier gift box!
❚ Carefully selected natural butter, using professional technology and eich experience to press and fold the dough repeatedly, adhere the process of puff pastry, overlap to produce deliciousness, and then slowly baked in a nine-stage oven, so that the pastry is fully puffed up and baked perfectly. Each Palmier is unique and it tastes great.
Two flavor for you to customise your gift box:
"Classic creamy flavor"  The sweetness of sugar grains are perfectly combined with the creamyness of butter, you can feel the happiness after tasting it.                   
"Salt flavor"  The delicate and salvory of the salt flakes offers your taste buds an extraordinary experience.                           

Crispy Baozhong Tea Candy
Honored as the "2023 Eatender" from the Council of Agriculture.
The rich peanut flavor is perfectly combined with the tea aroma to enhance the level of the candy, rich nutty flavor and fresh tea aroma, satisfying the elders' taste at one time. At the same time, the thin tea sugar coating enhances the whole flavor. Natural ingredients, no chemical additives, no flavors, no pigments, and preservations, low temperature grinding technique, strict process, and it passes the safety testing.
Fresh peanuts are roasted at low temperature to produce the peanut aroma, then finely ground into a smooth peanut butter, and then mixed with Pinglin specialty Baozhong tea powder. The low-temperature ground tea powder retains the complete tea ingredients. Peanuts and tea are fully blended and pressed into shape, and the outer layer is wrapped with a thin layer of sugar coating. You can feel the crisp when you bite it. The unique aroma of Baozhong tea and peanuts creates a refreshing and not too sweet taste, and the aftertaste of the tea fragrance is endless

Business hours:
Monday-Friday 07:30-21:00 /Saturday-Sunday 10:00-21:00.

Welcome to call for pre-order: 02-2507-7395