Moonlight Cantonese Restaurant


One of the restaurants of the Leofoo Group, meaning “only light”.
The restaurant serves classic Cantonese cuisine and creative Cantonese cuisine. Each dish is prepared with authentic taste and the outstanding cooking techniques of our chefs. Classic Cantonese dishes or creative dishes all present the essence of Cantonese style, especially the control of cooking temperature, the sweetness of the soup, the use of seasonal ingredients and various sides, along with the desserts served by the food trolley, all present the Cantonese style to its fullest.
The restaurant is decorated in a modern but subtle style, with private rooms that are desirable for uninterrupted time, enabling each guest to enjoy some quality dining time.

  • 【Fresh Seafood Hotpot】
  • The stock of the hot pot is essential in Hong Kong-styled hot pots. Before adding in seafood, have a taste of the stock’s flavor, and cook the seafood for about 10 minutes for the sweetness of the ingredients to enter the soup. Enjoy the soup with added flavors of fresh seafood, and boil meat, vegetables, and other hand-picked ingredients according to your preference.
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【Opening Hours】
Lunch 11:30 - 14:00/Dinner 17:30 - 21:00

【Number of Seats】
180 people in the dining area/2 private rooms, which are available for 24 people, and 2 rooms for 12.
Corking fees apply. NT$500 for each bottle of wine and NT$800 for each bottle of spirits